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One of Us - Bedfordshire Guiding


Different categories of badges can be obtained from different places.

General Badges - available to all

Badges that can be purchased by anyone through trading are Six and Patrol emblems, programme resource badges, Go for It cards, Brownie and Guide Leadership badges, leaving badges and general fun badges. These are available from Girlguiding online shop, your local depot or Shop or the County Badge secretary.

Unit earned badges - available to unit volunteer team

Promise badges, Rainbow roundabout badges, Brownie and Guide interest badge, Guide challenge badges and certificates, Look Wider badges are Group A badges and can be purchased by all Leaders via your local depot or Shop or the County Badge secretary.

Restricted badges - available by criteria set by the badge type

Group B Badges are only obtainable through the County Badge Secretary - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These include:

Commonwealth Award

Baden Powell Award and Adventure

Guide Camp permit

Chief Guide Challenge

Queens’ Guide

Young Leader Qualification

Senior Section permit

Commissioner badges

Adult Qualification badges – outdoor, leadership etc

Award and service badges and brooches

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